WordPress Gallery Extra

WordPress Gallery Extra


Every thumbnail shown with your new gallery will look stunning on modern devices. Photos appear at the same size but in fact made up of more pixels – exquisite detail. Apple’s “Retina Display revolution” certainly contributed to this trend and it’s common sense to follow it.A high-quality photo has the power of converting any design into something beautiful and exactly the same thing works with an image gallery. Image galleries are part of almost any website around whether it is about displaying the portfolio, products or personal albums; we simply use them a lot.

If you run a website and looking for a useful gallery plugin then you are at right place, in this article we describe the Best WordPress Gallery Plugins which will allow you to create beautiful and visually stunning galleries for your websites.

Are you looking for a gallery that is completely customizable, works cross-device/browser and built with modern standards in mind? Then WordPress Gallery Extra is a very good option.

WordPress Gallery Extra is a premium WordPress plugin that provides everything you need to build an awesome gallery.

WordPress Gallery Extra


A gallery plugin packed with great features

A gallery plugin packed with great features

WordPress Gallery Extra is the most intuitive and extensible gallery management tool ever created for WordPress. It comes with a lot of great features and templates, but at the same time tried to keep things as simple and intuitive as possible, so that users with little WordPress experience have no problem using it as well.

In addition to that, its offer high quality support in their forum around the clock show that its care that your site runs as smooth as possible.

WordPress Gallery Extra comes with a full-blown, template editor which allows you Create any Number of Additional Templates.

You can build templates either from scratch or based upon one of its importable templates!


Responsive Images

Retina ready isn’t just @2x anymore! Thumbnail resolution matches your device’s pixel density. They look as good as possible – without much extra bandwidth cost.

Every thumbnail shown with your new gallery will look stunning on modern devices. Photos appear at the same size but in fact made up of more pixels – exquisite detail. Apple’s “Retina Display revolution” certainly contributed to this trend and it’s common sense to follow it.

When you have more pixels on your screen, why not utilize them all? The custom of using double resolution images evolves rapidly. This is new technology that serves images tailored to your actual device. Can it display 3x or just 1.5x resolution photos? Using just 2x images would be suboptimal in either case so you’d need to create multiple sizes. WordPress Gallery Extra carries out the task for you automatically. There is no need to prepare anything. As long as your source images are fairly high resolution you can sit back and relax.

  • The gallery display more pixels in the same area resulting in perfectly sharp thumbnails.
  • All thumbnails are automatically Retina ready as long as the original image has a high enough resolution.
  •  It uses a thing called srcset to serve larger resolution thumbnails, for example 3x images on Full HD 5″ devices.
  • The bandwidth requirement is not increased substantially due to automatically managed quality.
  • With WordPress Gallery Extra’s Retina ready feature no upscaling or distortion occurs, ever.
  • As an alternative, you can use the Photon module of Jetpack by WordPress.com / Automattic which is a free CDN.

Click here to see A/B versions.


Custom Links

You decide what happens on a thumbnail click. Open a page, post or a custom URL. Play videos and audios in the lightbox.

Such a simple concept but so much detail. A gallery is not just about photos. You could be showing a video portfolio or link to other sites using your images. Show logos of your clients and open their sites in a new tab. Use WordPress Gallery Extra as a colorful way to navigate.

Just simple links that open in the same tab or on a new tab? No lightbox? Yes, absolutely! Links will act just like regular links, skipping the lightbox. External links should not take your visitors away, so you can point them to open on a new tab. Images without custom links will continue to open in the lightbox.

What about videos? Websites? A contact form!? Open all in the lightbox! Sure! Lightboxes with iframe and video support include fancyBox, Magnific Popup and iLightBox. They natively play Youtube and Vimeo videos. Load a website or a custom page (such as a contact or application form) in the lightbox.

Click here to see demos.


Audio and Video Gallery Support

There are various ways to display a video gallery. You have the most control when you link media thumbnails to the corresponding medias. It’s done using the WordPress Media Library with custom links. Medias from Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Vine and SoundCloud can be loaded automatically. For a media gallery of self-hosted media, WordPress Gallery Extra makes use of an HTML5 video player, Plyr. Of course you can mix and match medias with images in a grid.


Should you prefer to host content yourself instead of having it on Youtube or Vimeo… A custom video player is built for these videos in the lightbox. It’ll be an all-responsive video gallery experience your visitors will find very easy to use.

  • Play h.264 videos which is the most supported format.
  • Play mp3 audios which is the most supported format.
  • The audios and videos can be uploaded anywhere, like the media library.
  • Play audios and videos with the most elegant & powerful HTML5 player out there.
  • Play audios with stunning audio visualizer optimized for any device and introduced by WordPress Gallery Extra.

Click here to see video gallery demo and click here to see audio gallery demo.


Lazy Loading

We need to go for Lazy Loading. Significantly speed up image-heavy galleries and takes no time at all to enable.

Most of us are familiar with the Lazy Load. Lazy loading forces images to load only when they are “above the fold”. This is very useful and it boosts performance delaying loading of images in long web pages because images outside of viewport (visible part of web page) won’t be loaded until the user scrolls to them. Lazy Load has some cool options such as grid loading effects.

Click here to see demo.



WordPress Gallery Extra helps you use the best for desktop and mobile devices. Choose from bundled solutions or enjoy premium lightboxes.

A lightbox opens your images/medias when you click a thumbnail. It’s a technique to isolate the photo/media in a larger view, without navigating away from the page. Most major sites use some form of lightbox. The area around and behind the photo/media is usually darkened. Several extra features can make the lightbox experience better, such as social sharing capabilities. This page helps you gain insight of the differences between lightbox solutions and help you decide which lightbox to use for your gallery.


Tilting Effect

A stunning, impressing and high performance 60+fps parallax hover tilting effect to wonder your visitors.

WordPress Gallery Extra allows to add tilt hover effect with glare to your own galleries right out of the backend without any coding knowledge which applies tvOS poster-like, multi-layer parallax tilt effect to any grid items.

In an attempt to achieve the most responsive experience with smoothest animations possible a lot of emphasis is placed on performance.

Click here to see demo.


Display Images by Taxonomy

Display images that belong together! If you wonder what a taxonomy is… It’s the common name of keywords like category or tag. They are used to group similar images. Anything not natively found in WordPress is a custom taxonomy, such as image typegenre or similar that may only exist on your installation. They are a very powerful way to mark photos that belong together.

Selecting a group of images is the easiest and fastest using taxonomies. So, while WordPress presently lacks album-gallery relationships or even hierarchical galleries, this approach comes closest. Think of categories as albums and tags as galleries. You can create galleries on the fly just by typing words into WordPress Gallery Extra.

Let’s see how that works.


Template generator

Easily build your own templates within your backend.

WordPress Gallery Extra allows to build your own templates right out of the backend without any coding knowledge. Start your own style scheme by selecting one of the many predefined schemes.

Explore Demos


Image Sizes Manager

WordPress Gallery Extra comes with an advanced image size manager that allows you to add any number of image sizes and apply them to your attachments.

All you need to do is to register new image size. You can regenerate thumbnails and clean current thumbnails.


Can’t get enough? Here are even more features!

  • Columns Gallery
  • Justified Gallery
  • Masonry Gallery
  • Mosaic Gallery
  • Slider Gallery
  • Clean and modern Design
  • Drag and Drop Gallery Builder
  • Ajax Themes Compatibility
  • Translation ready
  • Beautiful Templates for Customization
  • Powerful Template Manager
  • WPML ready
  • Responsive design
  • Thumbnails Regenerator
  • Easy style editor
  • More than 2 dozen Demos
  • Single click Template import
  • Strong SEO foundation
  • Compatible with major SEO plugins
  • Custom CSS for Templates
  • Top Notch Support
  • Regular Updates and Improvements

The WordPress Gallery Extra is priced at the affordable price of $21 and it is definitely worth what it offers in exchange.

Refer to its website to learn more about its powerful and unique features.